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Welcome to the AtWat website. Water plays a vital role and influences all spheres touching people, planet and prosperity. Water used by households and industry is typically collected via sewer systems bringing it to centralised wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). Managing this wastewater is becoming increasingly crucial for ensuring a clean environment and public health in light of significant water scarcity being faced by many nations. The focus in the past was mainly on understanding and improving the biological processes and to achieve combined removal of organics and nutrients to levels below effluent limits. Today’s wastewater treatment goes beyond conventional processes of bringing down BOD and COD below prescribed levels and encompasses a plethora of different technologies with increasing focus on water recycle and reuse. Energy consumption has become another driver for WWTP optimization as well as carbon footprint. Micropollutants have become a new concerning issue to deal with in urban wastewater systems. Wastewater treatment systems are becoming complex integrated systems. A trans-disciplinary approach is essential to design, develop and optimize new age wastewater treatment technologies and facilities. The AtWat project focuses on harnessing complementary expertise of the Partner Institutes to establish a multi-lateral Indo-European research network for making significant contributions in this area.

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